NOV 19, 2021 – Nov 28, 2021

(based on quad occupancy in Makkah/ Madinah)

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Alhumdulilah, we are happy to announce that registration  for our November Thanks giving Break Umrah Group is now open! We will be accompanied by scholars.

 Package includes:

  • Airfare-Round trip Airfare from Chicago ORD (other cities available)


  • Private VIP Air-Conditioned Vehicles for transportation (cold water, cool drinks, snacks and meals will be provided throughout the trip)
  • Private Makkah Tours vehicles available for the courtesy of our pilgrims.

Makkah Al Mukaramah:

  • 4 Days  in Five Star Conrad Hotel located very close Masjid Al Haram.
  • International Breakfast included.
  • Guided Tour of Historical Islamic sites located across the city of Makkah (Cave of Hira, Mount
    of Thawr etc.)

Madinah Al Munawarah:

  • 3 Days in  Five Star Madinah Moven Pick Hotel (Southern Central area very close to Masjid-e-Nabwi) 
  • Guided Tour of Historical Islamic sites located across the city of Madinah (Masjid Al Quba, Masjid Al Qiblatain, Site of the battle of Uhud, Martyers of Uhud (Humza RA), Jannatul Baqi, Site of the Battle of Khandaq (Trench), etc.)



Syed Omer Lateef &  Syed Rashid Lateef

  • Group Coordinators and Travel Coordinators will accompany pilgrims at all times throughout the duration of Umrah to aid and assist pilgrims. These coordinators are fluent in the languages of English, Arabic, & Urdu.

Makkah Tours Exclusives:

  • Handbook on how to perform Umrah (Available in English or Urdu)
  • Customized Draw string bag (ideal for carrying essentials)
  • Personalized ID badge
  • Electronic Counter (For Tawaf)
  • Miswak (Toothbrush)


Price is subject to change without prior notice
** As per Airline Rule: Airline tickets are non-refundable.
**Trip dates are subject to change  +/-  day

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