Based on quad occupancy in Aziziyah / Madinah


Duration 19 Days

  • Double occupancy:  $8,255
  • Triple occupancy:    $7,961

Package Includes


  • Round trip Airfare from Chicago / Houston / New York / Atlanta (other cities available)
  • Private VIP Air-Conditioned Buses for transportation from Madinah to Mecca (cold water, cool drinks, snacks and meals will be provided throughout the trip)
  • Ground transportation in air-conditioned private buses will be provided for Tawaf-e-Ziyarah.
  • Private Makkah Tours vehicles available for the courtesy of our pilgrims.

Madinah Al Munawarah:

  • 4 nights in Gloria Al Faroz Al Massi Hotel (4 star)  located a few minutes away from the ladies Entrance and King Fahad gate of Masjid Al Nabawi, ideal for easy access for disabled and elderly. International Breakfast & Dinner included.
  • Guided Tour of Historical Islamic sites located across the city of Madinah (Masjid Al Quba, Masjid Al Qiblatain, Site of the battle of Uhud, Martyrs of Uhud (Humza RA), Jannatul Baqi, Site of the Battle of Khandaq (Trench), etc.

Makkah Al Mukaramah:

  • 2 nights before and 3 nights after Hajj in Aziziyah Hotel (3 star) located in Shisha (Suburb of Makkah). This hotel is right in front of Jamarat for the convenience of pilgrims. Shuttle Service in Private Makkah Tours Vehicles will be available for visiting the Haram Shareef.
  • 4 Nights in Al Safwah Tower Hotel (5 star) located near Haram Shareef after Hajj. This hotel’s location is ideal for easy access to the Ka’ba and is easy transportation from the hotel to other holy sites during Hajj. It requires less than a 2 minute walk to enter the Courtyard of the Haram Shareef International Breakfast & Dinner included.
  • 5 days in Mina, Arafah, & Muzdalifah in upgraded air-conditioned North American Tents. With Sofa cum beds, blankets, & pillows. Breakfast, lunch, Dinner, Tea, coffee, & refreshments are included.


  • Pilgrims will be provided with 24-hour assistance during their trip from group leaders with over a decade of experience in the service of Pilgrims. The Men group leader will be Syed Rashid Lateef & Syed Omer Lateef.
  • Group Coordinators and Travel Coordinators will accompany pilgrims at all times throughout the duration of Hajj to aid and assist pilgrims. They will be equipped at all times with first aid kits and will be able to transport pilgrims to hospitals in the incident of a medical emergency. These coordinators are fluent in the languages of English, Arabic, & Urdu.

Group Scholars:

  • Maulana Abdul Aziz 
  • Imam Yaseen Palwala

The group will be addressed daily regarding the procedure of Hajj and spiritual reminders. Our scholars will be available at all times to answers any questions or concerns that may arise during Hajj, and will assist the pilgrims in religious practices.

Makkah Tours Exclusives:

  • Hajj Seminar and Dinner prior to departure
  • Handbook on how to perform Hajj (Available in English or Urdu)
  • Ihram for men & Scarfs for Sisters
  • Customized Draw string bag (ideal for carrying essentials)
  • Personalized ID badge
  • Electronic Counter (For Tawaf)
  • Miswak (Toothbrush)

Package does not include:

  1. Hajj Fees       $ 340.00
  2. Qurbani Fee $ 150.00
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