Hajj packages for 2019 cannot be cancelled under any circumstances except hospitalization which will prevent participation of Hajj 2019. Depending on the package and the time of cancellation purchased a refund will be assessed by our office in the case of hospitalization.

Cancellation request and proof of hospitalization must be submitted in writing.


Makkah Tours &Travel is an Agent provider and cannot be held liable for any and all claims that may arise from its vendors. Vendors include but are not limited to, Hotels, Airlines, Transportation companies, Consulate offices, Embassies, and government service providers in Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa. Makkah Tours & Travel recommends that customers obtain and review the warranties provided by the vendors if any such situation shall arise Situations which Makkah Tours & Travel are not liable include but are not limited to: Cleanliness & upkeep of Hotel Rooms, denial of or availability of visa from consulate, delayed flights, Mina & Arafat tent locations and electrical power, bathroom conditions, Air Conditioning units in Mina, and Arafat break down of the buses.


Makkah Tours & Travel is not responsible for any stolen luggage or personal items for the durations any of our Hajj packages. Makkah Tours & Travel is not responsible for any lost luggage by the Airline or during customer transit from airport to hotel in Saudi Arabia. Makkkah Tours & Travel recommends customer purchases insurance to protect themselves should such a situation arise. Makkah Tours & Travel will handle customer luggage during certain portions of the journey. Makkah Tours staff will be present to help load and unload checked in baggage when traveling from Jeddah airport to Makkah, Makkah to Medinah, Medinah to Medinah Airport. Pilgrims are responsible for their bags at all times to ensure they have been loaded and unloaded on and off the bus. any lost baggage during this time will be the responsibility of the pilgrim.

Health & Safety

Customer understands that Tour packages are often held in developing and undeveloped countries, due to this there are many unknown and inherent risks associated with embarking on journeys of this nature. Customer acknowledges that Makkah Tours & Travel cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from any acts including but not limited to: negligence of Vendor, political unrest and forces of nature. Furthermore, Makkah Tours & Travel , or any of Makkah Tours & Travel’s staff, are not qualified to provide medical assistance should the need arise. Makkah Tours &Travel will take all reasonable efforts to assist any and all injured customers. However, customers will not hold Makkah Tours & Travel responsible for inability to treat or care for customer. In addition Makkah Tours & Travel is not responsible for delays in arrival of medical personnel. Customer understands that many of our tour packages involve long and exhausting walks. Particularly our hajj packages, can take an exhausting physical toll on any and all customers regardless of physical condition. Customers with prior physical conditions are required to make disclosure to Makkah Tours & Travel staff prior to departure. Makkah Tours & Travel will do it’s best to accommodate customers with health conditions, however by purchasing a package from Makkah Tours & Travel , customer warrants that they are able to complete and participate in all aspects of said package. Should customer be unable to participate in any aspects of our tour packages, it is customer’s responsibility to find a companion to assist them.

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